Girlfriend was rude and distant this whole weekend?

Honestly don’t know what I (M21) did to deserve this. Started Monday when I texted her (F19) and she barely responded and ended the convo quickly. We had a decent date Tuesday then Thursday I text her and she’s barely trying to talk to me.

Friday is when it got worse, at work she was rude a lot of times and just didn’t want to talk to me after work. She instead talked to this guy for 30 mins, I can’t leave because we’re both co-managers so I had to find stuff to keep busy while they kept talking. She seemed so happy talking to him. Saturday same thing didn’t really wanna talk to me and talked to the same guy for a bit until he left. I don’t care that she talks to him but she hasn’t been like that with me in weeks. I tried to talk to her but she was on her phone the whole time and just giving me short answers. I straight up asked her “are we good?” And she said yeah why and I told her it feels off. A girl coworker (A) came in and it stopped the convo and after that we left.

Sunday same thing and she started second guessing my manager decisions. I told coworker A to do something and instead goes to my girlfriend and tells her she basically didn’t want to do it so my girlfriend said that coworker A will do this instead and just get another coworker to do that job even though I had everyone’s roles planned out and it made me look bad. She gave her special treatment just because they’re friends. After our shift is Done we all leave and my girlfriend sends me away so she can talk to coworker A, I don’t care that she talks to her but it’s just the way she did it.

It just feels like she’s being rude to me for no reason but she say’s everything fine I’m so confused. My dog died today and I wanted to text her but I feel like she won’t even care. Ik just so done.
Girlfriend was rude and distant this whole weekend?
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