I Cheated, So Is This Justified?

I cheated on my boyfriend about 6 months ago. It was several things. A kiss, sexting online, and a fetish thing. As someone who’s been cheated on before, I understand how much it can really break someone and drive them to be extremely insecure/paranoid, but I hardly have a life anymore.

He goes through my phone whenever he gets the chance, goes through my laptop as well.
He constantly asks who I’m texting, even when I’m not actually texting anyone. But if I am, he has to know who and then he asks me to read him the messages
The other night I went outside to smoke, and he literally opened the window to listen... He gets sad and thinks I’m flirting with his friends, is convinced I’m gonna fall in love with someone else. He’s even gotten a friend of his to follow the same people I follow on instagram, to creep and see if I’ve liked or commented on any of their photos.

Today he told someone in the friend group that he’s paranoid of me flirting with one in particular. Which I haven’t, anything I’ve done is in a friendly manor. Him and his friends are going off a “vibe” that doesn’t exist. So now I’ll be uncomfortable and judged around the only somewhat friends I have.

I can hardly talk to people without getting drilled with questions or a “ohhh who is heee?” To be fair, he does try to refrain. But even if he doesn’t say anything he gets so visibly uncomfortable and I’m left feeling horrible. I don’t have a job right now, the only social life I have is through my boyfriend. He’s scared for me to get a job bc I’ll be around people, I’m scared to get a job because I know he’ll be stressed and I’ll be feeling guilty all the time. I obviously feel horrible so I refrain from doing things that stress him out. aka: I have 0 friends.

I don't know if anyone will actually read all that, but I feel so alone right now. Maybe I do deserve it for what I did, but I just want to have friends and be happy 🙁 it’s been so long since I did what I did, and things are only getting worse
I Cheated, So Is This Justified?
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