What should I do if two guys ask me out on the same day?

It's no date or anything, but they are both friends (of mine) who want to hang out with me and I don't know what to do... I dnt wanna hang with both same day nor at the same time. Things are gonna get awkward if I hang with two guys who don't know each other and might like the same girl... or... won't feel comfortable... or... something... They have both told me the same thing... It seems like guys are all the same...


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  • There's nothing wrong with going on 2 dates with 2 guys when you're not in a relationship. I wouldn't do them both on the same day, but the whole point of dating is to get to know people until you meet one you want to commit to. You're committed to no one right now.

    • by "do them both" I mean go on both dates lol Just thought I should clarify

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  • lol. not all of them xD.

    anyway. hang with one one time, hang with the other another time. don't hang with them the same time. if that happens, the guys will decide that you're probably not worth the effort of fighting with the other to date... sorry- but that's just the way it is.


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  • Hang out with one guy one day, and the other guy the next day.

    Tell the one you're not hanging out with right away that you have plans that day and make up some excuse if you don't want to hurt his feelings (you have to watch your little brother/sister, you're grounded, you're doing something with your parents, etc).