Should I tell my close guy friend I like him?

So I met this guy at work about two years ago. He was new to the city so I helped him quite a lot and we gradually became good friends. And now I really like him, in a romantic way.

We usually chat a lot at work (we work in different offices so we dont see each other everday) and sometimes text a lot after work. We also hang out (one-on-one because we dont have many mutual friends), like dinners and drinks and stuff.

We can talk about anything, have similar taste in music, and both enjoy travelling. We even went on two trips to other cities together (just the two of us but nothing romantic happened). There's always been some touching between us, like rest head on shoulders, cuddle, hold hands, or other plaful touches.

But I'm not here to ask you whether you think he likes me romantically because I'm pretty sure he doesn't. The reasons are: (a) he sometimes tells me girls he like (there is one girl he really really likes but she's not interested), although he barely dated anyone since we became close friends; (b) he never makes any move on me, and he's a very confident guy, not shy at all.

So my question is just should I tell him or not. I've thought about it many times and decided not to. But now he's planning to move to another country in like six to eight months. This makes me rethink about it. If I don't tell him, I probably dont have a chance to tell him anymore after he leaves. It's not like we won't keep in touch but things won't be the same. If I tell him, what difference does it make. All it does is to make things awkard.

So yeah this is killing me.
Should I tell my close guy friend I like him?
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