Did I mess really bad with the job and with him or am I being way too dramatic and it's not a big deal?

Long story short, we flirted, he was excited, seemed to like me a lot but we were both on vacation. When we came back he asked me out, I said no, wasn’t in the mood. We started flirting again after a while, he didn’t ask me out in three weeks so we had a fight and things got cold. We started talking againJanuary as friends. I am pretty sure by now he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He even found an excuse to tell me about one of his dates and I got angry. But it felt like he did that on purpose to check my reaction. I think that he likes me but that scares him. He mentioned I am a “treasure” , and that he loves the way I think. Recently he asked what do I think the ideal date for us would be. And he also said that he is afraid that sex will ruin everything and quickly deleted it.

And now this happened: I got a job offer where he works. It’s a music band. On the first meeting with the manager he told me that one of the others (my guy) got stressed about me joining the team. I was told by the manager that He literaly said “ugh now you are making me nervous”. At first I thought I shouldn’t mention anything but then I thought that this will stress me too. So I asked. He got really upset that the manager told me that. “Why would he say such things about me?” “They only said good things about you” “It doesn’t matter! Why would they say I don’t want you in the group? I will tell ‘em!”

So how bad is this? First of all, him getting so angry means that he cares about what I think, right? Or I am reading too much into it. But what do we do with the job? I texted later to see if he is feeling less angry, he hasn't replied yet and now my head is starting to make scenarios like "he fought already with his band", "he won't talk to me ever again because I messed up the band", "they will fire me".

Do you think it was such a big deal? Do you think we will hve a fall out or am I overeacting? Will we be able to work together? Will we be able to do more than just work together?

Did I mess really bad with the job and with him or am I being way too dramatic and it's not a big deal?
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