Im Bad At Every Job I Do. I'm Not Even Sure What To Do Anymore?

I've had three jobs recently and I've messed them all up.

First one I was fired from a warehouse job because I lacked the physical strength. They refused to move me to another section that needed less physical strength because they'd have to pay me more.

Second I was let off because I just wasn't fit for the job. It was admin work and I messed up numbers and spreadsheets one too many times. I deserved that.

Not a job but I had a trial shift at one place and they didn't want me because I messed up a single order. They said they had no chicken so I told the customers we had no chicken pie (when we did, it was separate) and then didn't put a line between the starter and mains so their food was delayed.

Now at my current job, they've reduced my hours to 10 hours a week. I work the least amount of hours of anyone there. I'm not making rent or bills. I asked if it was possible to get more hours and they said they had put me on that amount of hours because I'm not a good bar tender. I've been there 2 weeks and naturally messed up some orders but never lost money or alcohol. But I'm also apparently slow. I Don't think I'm that slow but apparently I am.

I'm just sick of it. It feels everything I try I'm not cut out for. I never have sick days, I always turn up on time. I'm willing to cover shifts for people or do anything that needs doing even if it is outside of what is expected of me. Yet there is something about me that just keeps screwing up. Thing is I never notice. I'm usually enjoying the work and thinking it's going well only to be told I'm messing everything up. It's really putting me down. I've done manual labor, bar staff, kitchen staff and admin and I messed all of it up. Those are pretty much the selection of low wage jobs one gets where I live.

Maybe my current one will improve. I've only been there 2 weeks but I can't afford to wait. As I said, I'm not making enough money to eat, pay rent or bills. I just wish I wasn't such a loser at everything.
Im Bad At Every Job I Do. I'm Not Even Sure What To Do Anymore?
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