He doesn't want a relationship but still wants to hang out.

If he doesn't want a relationship why does he still want to hang out?


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  • because he likes being with you, and wants to be your friend.

    a girl did this to me recently, I asked her out, and she said she wouldn't be the best relationship for me, but she still wanted to hang out with me (she asked)\

    so he likes you, but just friends (but actually friends, not ignoring you and saying friend so you won't feel bad)

    • What if we have slept together? Still friendly?

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    • possibly, but if he can't/doesn't want to, it can't happen.

      i can't really say much about it because I'm not you.

    • okay well thanks for your help. I will just maybe avoid talking to him and see if he misses me.

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  • Because he likes spending time with you.

    If it hurts you too much because you want more, then you don't have to do it or you can grow out of it.

  • Yup. He wants to have fun, and he doesn't want committment.

    • why do guys only want fun and no committment? does this mean the guy doesn't like the girl enough to ask for more?

    • No, no, it's just the guy's attitude. Some guys want to fool around and nothing more.