He doesn’t want to commit?

I’m writing this because I’m confused. I know its going to be long but I will appreciate any opinions. Good or bad.

I met a nice guy about a month ago. Since meeting we have been inseparable. We hang out all the time. He says and does things that makes me believe he genuinely likes me a lot. He puts in as much effort as I do. He makes plans with me in the future and even showed me to his mother.

But two days ago, he told me to not get too attached to him. The reason is because he still doesn’t know what he wants and he doesn’t want to hurt me. I was very confused by this because I assumed we would eventually get into a relationship.

After having this talk he still came over yesterday and we talked more about it. He opened up and said it’s because he has been hurt in the past and still has trauma/doubts because of it. And he also told me that he has been holding himself back from getting strong feelings for me this whole time because he doesn’t want to get hurt again.

When I asked him what he wanted now for us he said he doesn’t want to commit at the moment. But he still wants to hang out with me because he has fun and loves the affection we have for each other. However with no feelings involved.

But I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to commit. I know for a fact he is not a player. He was a 21 year old virgin before he met me. And he doesn’t even talk to other girls only me.

I’m in love with him and I’m trying not to do anything stupid so I lied and told him that I didn’t have strong feelings. I just don’t want to pressure him.

Mainly I want advice on how I can get him to stop putting up shields and allow himself to fall for me. And I know that it could just be too soon but how can I make him want to commit to me in the future?

Should I also stop hanging out with him as much?
I don’t want to feel anymore heartache but I enjoy his company a lot so I want to try to make it work first.
He doesn’t want to commit?
He doesn’t want to commit?
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