Girls, Should I listen to my head or my heart?

So, there’s 2 guys:

guy 1: cares about me a lot, makes me happy, can cook, clean, look after himself, he’s kind and caring and ticks all the boxes but he likes to deal with his problems on his own and never really asks for help and barely ever lets anyone in. If he’s going through something he just shuts everyone out. He’s scared of commitment cause he doesn’t wanna get hurt again but is also scared of losing people he cares about tho so he's always playing this on and off hot and cold kinda game with me.

guy 2: ticks all the same boxes as guy 1, he’s kinda he’s caring bla bla bla you get it but he's more open and willing to ask for help and while guy 1 isn’t really looking for something serious right now he is. He’s more emotionally available essentially.

So guy 1 has my heart even tho he’s driving me crazy with this hot and cold bullshit but guy 2 has much the same personality traits as guy 1 and ticks all the same boxes but is emotionally available so seems like the better option and guy 2 is intrested in me and I’m starting to like him.

the thought of being with anyone other than guy 1 is breaking my heart tho I feel like trash. I don't know what to do please help.

Girls, Should I listen to my head or my heart?
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