When should I tell my girlfriend about my foot fetish?

We have been dating for two months, and I have always noticed her sexy feet. I look at feet online as well. My girlfriend has a sexy french pedicure with a toe ring and a nice ankle bracelet.


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  • Haha, sounds like a cute girl. Well the best time to tell her is probably in the beginning of the relationship so it's out there and see if she runs away or not before you two get emotionally attached.


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  • You look at feet online? Wow, I think I just f***ing pissed myself from laughing at you. you should probably tell her right away so she has a chance to run! haha just kidding.

    • HAHA I p*ssed myself laughing at your comment. Well more so with because it's true.

  • Tell her !

    Be like, hey ima tell you a secret about me tomorrow. or something like that:P and jsut tell her !

    My boyfriend told me after 2 months :P And I didn't mind. he gives amazing massages:P


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