What do I do when no one ever likes me back?

I have thought about this for quite some time. For a bit of backstory, I have had crushes throughout my whole life. I crush on people VERY easily, and all kinds of people. I am not picky when it comes to looks. I have liked blonde, bye eyed men, brown eyed, black and brown haired men, ginger men, tall men, men with the same height as me, men shorter than me, men the same age as me, men younger than me, men older than me, fat men, skinny men, fit men, average men, etc. You get the point, I do not have a physical type. What makes me like someone is different each time, I can find anyone attractive if I like their character.

Now what I have noticed is that no one has EVER liked me back, in fact no one has ever even had a crush on me, even if it was someone I did not like in that way. No one has ever had romantic feelings for me. I have not even been catcalled. I have never been asked out, been complimented by a man (unless it was a family member, but I have never been complimented on my physical appearance by a man, family or not)

I do not understand why no one has ever liked me back or not even had a crush on me. I mean, I would not say I am that horrible of a person to like. I am quite giving, I am talkative, I do not only talk about myself, I want to be a housewife and have many kids, I am traditional, I am religious, I dress modestly (I am not muslim), I am pretty funny (or well I think so at least), I am a v1rg1n saving for marriage, I am young, I have never been in a relationship, I have never had my first k1ss, I do not have high standards for looks or salary, but still no one likes me.

I am quite ugly physically, or average, depending on who you ask. It is my face who is ugly. It is not deformed, but it is unpleasant. I am not fat. I have long hair. My only problem is pretty much my face.

But are guys that shallow that they cannot like me because of my face, when I have so many other good qualities? What should I do? I always end up rejected or ignored.

What do I do when no one ever likes me back?
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