HELP ¿What should I do?

Hello! I'm a girl (19 years old) and I like this guy (15 years old) we like each other and want to date, but there's a problem, his mom just told him that he doesn't want him with me (a few days ago)
She didn't know my age until I told her (he lied to his mom about my age lol, and the next day I did her nails and spit everything)
Well, he wants to be with me, and I obviously want to be with him but I don't know what I should do... Like, his mom told me it was ok... And then a few days later he scolded him very harshly and all that... I feel so bad :(
I asked some friends and some of them told me I should leave it to him and others say I should wait till she calms down and we approach and talk to her :( but I don't know what I should do... Please help me :(((
HELP ¿What should I do?
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