I can't get a girlfriend to save my life (Help!!!)

I never had a girlfriend in my life, and I am now a senior in highschool.

I consider myself a good looking guy I always have girls looking at me.

I barely started dating this year. my real first date was like in september.

I guess she bored of me because I turned into a nice guy after the second date.

But I still don't know why I can't get anyone interested in me.

This guy whos not really good looking gets all the girls but I know looks aren't everything but I should at least have an advantage over him.

Idk if I suck at flirting or just suck with girls in general.

Idk if girls are a little intimadated by me or something I doubt it.

Im currently in highschool and I need to get a girlfriend because I don't want to go to prom alone.


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  • You don't need to get a girlfriend. A lot of guys go to prom alone, as do a lot of girls. If you want to meet girls, try talking to them, put yourself out there to meet new people.

    • That's somewhat true, at my prom there were a lot of guys alone... There were also a few girls that were alone but lot's of other girls had prom dates that were in their 20s....

    • Yeah, it's why prom and high school girls are jokes, tons of them are getting laid by 22 year olds they met at parties.

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  • awwwww that happens to lots of people! I didn't have my first boyfriend till I was 16, and he wasn't a good experience...

    Just be patient with yourself. There are TONS of girls who have a horror of going to prom alone, so ask one of them if you need a date. But that could end up being a disaster, so be warned.

    Things will get sooo much better when you go to college! You're practically living with thousands of girls!

  • I'm still waiting for my first date lol. Recently I've started learning that stares mean nothing :(. There is def at least one girl out there who thinks about you before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up and who gets butterflies when she sees you and that girl is hoping you notice because she's too shy to approach you. Trust me, there's always one person thinking of you. :)


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  • man don't worry about it, things will change. You just have to relax and probably not care about girls. If you put your mind set to I want a girlfriend now, you will begin to exuberate desperation.

    Like I said before, just relax and join a sports club or something, do something you enjoy.

    And realise they is plenty more fish in the sea...

  • You don't need a girlfriend for prom date... btw... I suggest you join a fraternity when you go to college you will meet so many girls easily

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