Sweet 16, and never been kissed!

I am sixteen years old, and I've never had a boyfriend! All my friends have already had a bunch, and have ALL been kissed. The ones I like don't like me back, and the ones I don't end up stalking me! Is there something wrong with me that I just repel every cute boy I see? I'm not gorgeous, but I definitely don't think I'm hideous either... Is there something I could be doing better to get boys to notice me? The fact that I've barely gotten any good offers from boys when all of my friends have had multiple amounts of boyfriends. There was a guy that I've been friends with for over a year and we ended up spending a lot of time together. A few times when we hung out it felt very much like a date, he even called one a double date, but never made a move. Having been alone for so long and seeing everyone start to couple off is beginning to take a toll on me, please help.
Sweet 16, and never been kissed!
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