Sweet 16, and never been kissed!

I am sixteen years old, and I've never had a boyfriend! All my friends have already had a bunch, and have ALL been kissed. The ones I like don't like me back, and the ones I don't end up stalking me! Is there something wrong with me that I just repel every cute boy I see? I'm not gorgeous, but I definitely don't think I'm hideous either... Is there something I could be doing better to get boys to notice me? The fact that I've barely gotten any good offers from boys when all of my friends have had multiple amounts of boyfriends. There was a guy that I've been friends with for over a year and we ended up spending a lot of time together. A few times when we hung out it felt very much like a date, he even called one a double date, but never made a move. Having been alone for so long and seeing everyone start to couple off is beginning to take a toll on me, please help.


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  • Ah, I know the feeling.

    I'm 19, in the course of my life I've had a grand total of:

    5 boyfriends.

    From 13 to now.

    One guy I crushed over for 5 years, first love, he broke my freakin' heart

    Another guy was his best friend, we dated for like...a month...wasn't worth it in the end.

    First boyfriend actually turned out to be *gay*, lol.

    And the other two I have dated a multiple of times.

    My little sister has the same problem you do, all of her friends have boyfriends but she doesn't, she'll date a guy she likes and two weeks later, she loses interest. She's been single for...gosh...3 years now? She used to complain about all her friends having bf's and I told her exactly what I'm about to tell you.

    You don't need a boyfriend to complete your life, you should go out and do whatever the hell you want, because when your in a relationship you spend all this time and effort into another person and hardly any time for yourself. When the right guy who really wants you for who you are, nothing else but that, you'll have a more meaningful relationship. High school relationships 99.9% of the time fail, the only one I've seen work turned into a 40 year marriage (my uncle and his wife, still very in love). My point to you is, focus on what's most important, YOU. Because the day you get into a relationship you'll be telling yourself "I wish I was single", and while your single having the mentality of "I wish I were in a relationship" sucks, but it's easier to focus on what really matters. When the right man shows up, and trust me, he WILL, you'll have a more stable relationship and a more understanding one than to just "hop into it".



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  • dear prodigious-a, ur just like me. I'm 16 but I've never somuch as even touched a girl before. I don't think I'm horrible looking, but I'm just not good at talking with girls, but I'm working on it so I hope we both find someone. good luck

    oh and what do you think of my facial hair, and if I dated you would you make me shave it? be honest

    • You'd look a lot cuter without it, of course, the choice toguro is ultimately yours. ^_^

    • I like that answere, imma keep probably =)

  • The best thing you can do is just be yourself and not go looking for a boyfriend. Wait for him to come to YOU. Most likely the reasons your friends have more boyfriends is because they are more willing to do stuff or mess around with the guys, and in most cases almost every guy wants that the most. I haven't found a girl yet, but my role models always say date your best friend which makes sense because you know each other very well and get along very easily. And this friend of yours maybe never made a move because he is afraid of losing you as a friend. The best thing to do would be to talk to him about it, just casually. All you gotta do is just keep your head up and be yourself. Hope this helps!


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  • Dont worry about it... honestly when I was a teen I was happy I didn't have a bf...all my friends seemed so stressed about everything all the time. They went from normal girls to suddenly always worried about what did this mean? and do I look okay today he hardly said anything to me? and dissecting every little thing their guy did to/for/with them.

    I met my first boyfriend when I was 16..didnt even so much as hold a boys hand before then. We were together a couple months before we kissed. We took things slow, and being in a relationship with him was so easy..we were together for 2 years.

    Im 31 and on my 6th boyfriend...Im a serial long term dater though... Meaning, I enjoy being single when I'm single...I don't date a guy just for the sake of having a bf, and when I do find a guy, we end up being together for years. Two of my bfs only lasted about 6m, my last 2 were 5 years, and the one I'm with now, we've been together about 2 years.

    I guess cause I know being with a great guy is worth waiting for..I don't stress when I find myself alone...

  • Don't worry. I'm 18, almost 19 and have never been kissed or had a boyfriend. The only guys who ever like me are the nerds/stalkers, so I know how it is.

    People make it out that everyone has been kissed, but in reality, there are many more who haven't been.

    You just haven't found the right guy yet. But don't worry, you will. Don't change anything about yourself because the true boyfriend loves you for who you are. Just be confident in yourself and don't worry. =] You'll get that first kiss when the time is right!

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 18 and a freshman in college, and I have a few other friends (beautiful, awesome people) who were/are in the same boat. Think about it- you're still in high school, your dating options are at best limited. In a few years whether you continue your education or enter the work force you will meet a ton of new people.

    Would it have been a little less unusual to have had my first kiss in early high school? Yes. It would have saved me some awkward moments with more experienced friends, however unlike those friends I don't regret anything. I got my first kiss from my first love because I waited. One of my friends got her first kiss in 8th grade on a dare at lunchtime in front of a table of people. I love my friend but I'm glad my first kiss was actually meaningful.

  • oh boo hoo.

    i didn't get my first kiss or boyfriend till I was 21 and who cares


    that's so over rated

    but I guess just go meet some guys at your school and talk to them. get to know them. I don't understand why some people are so hung up on the whole boyfriend deal. there's plenty of guys out there.

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