We went from texting everyday to nothing!

This guy I like has been texting/calling me everyday for the past 2 weeks...and now all of a sudden he has disappeared. He told me a month ago that he isn't ready for a relationship yet and he wants to take things slow, so I said OK and backed off. Well it seemed like things have been progressing since then and we saw each other 2 days ago (on Xmas)and he kept trying to hold my hand and telling me how happy he is with me...kinda seemed like he was ready to make things official. We didn't hook up (and there weren't any expectations of that either.) But now he hasn't contacted me since...its only been 2 days, but we usually talk everyday! It isn't like him to not call. What gives?


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  • I think he is just playing games. Some guys just like to flirt and just talk. He seems afraid of committment and maybe being close with you kinds of push him away. He could also be waiting for you to text him back. sometimes guys wait for girls to text back. I think you backing off scared hm and he was chasing you. I say if it bothers you that much text him and see if he repsonds back if he doesn't respond back to like two or three random texts. Then just forget him.


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  • Is he the one who initiates all/most of the time? How often do you initiate conversations?

    • Yes he always does the initiating. I start the convo like once a week or less than that, but I don't want to chase him because he said he doesn't want a relationship. I just think its weird that he says that and then starts giving me all this attention right after, and now it's slowed down. He has texted me since then, but its not as much.

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    • No, it isn't. Who the hell told you that? If you initiate just as much as he does, he'll be greatful and flattered. Trust me when I say this..

      As long as you don't constantly check up on him/text him every hour consecutively, etc, it won't be annoying.

      You girls need to get that clingy mindset out of your brain.. Because it ain't true.

    • OH, he has another girl in his ilfe--someone he's seeing? Pshh, move on then.

  • That heartless heartbreaker. 48 hrs and no call? Shameless behavior on his part. Shameless, I tell you

    • Ok OK I know! ha ha But this is the kind of stuff girls worry about...we get into a routine of texting, then it becomes expected, and then when there's no contact we worry. Also, I've been told that if the guy isn't contacting you, he isn't thinking of you...so that's why I'm worried.

    • Maybe he ran out of things to talk about

    • Don't give up...

      Just text him for once, and start initiating conversations more oftne, Question Asker. It won't kill you or make you look bad. I"m sure he'll appreciate it. It's better to try and put effort into saving a potential relationship, then just waiting for him to make a move and risk not working things out.

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  • I have gone through the same thing but the timeframe was much longer, about a year we had been seeing each other. No text, call or anything. I texted and nothing. Called...nothing.Forget him it's just going to make you sick thinking of all the possibilities that he hasn't contacted you. You deserve better. It doesn't matter what is going on in someone's life, if they care for you they can and will make time to send at least a text. So besides dying, he has no reason not to contact you if you are important to him. Let him go, better opporttunities will show themselves when you do.

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