What to text a girl that you haven't talked to in a while?

So I met this girl last semester. We got pretty close and I thought she liked me. Almost certain. But then over winter break I called her(and left a message) but she never responded. A couple days before I called her she texted me asking how I was doing...it was the first time she had ever texted me first and it happened to be just a couple days into break which means she was thinking of me.

Anyway, it's been a couple weeks since I called her with her not responding. I went on a vacation and just tried to forget. But now I want to text her something to see if she still wants to talk. But how should I do it? Just kinda tricky because the last "communication" we have had was her not responding.

An idea to work around for the text is that college is starting up again in a week from now. Any thoughts?



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  • don't let the phone call discourage you, I don't even check mine because no one ever leave actual messages, and I forgot the password to it. Or maybe she heard it but was to nervous and was waiting for you to call again, there's a million possibilities.

    Hey how've you been is always a good line, it shows your interteted in how she's been, and gives her a chance to talk about herself.

    an ask her out over the phone, but not over voice mail! do it over actual voice to voice conversation on the phone!

    good luck!

    • yea I only asked if she would be free on voice mail because we talking about meeting up before break started so I thought I'd be fine :/ guess not hahaha. But if she really liked me, wouldn't you think she would have done something about it? I'll figure it out, just hope it works because she's pretty much awesome :)

    • good luck! I'm sure she'll say yes!

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  • just be like, "hey, how have you been" it's always a good conversation starter when you haven't talked for awhile and she'll like to answer it because girls love to talk about themselves and an open ended question like that gives you the freedom to say whatever you'd like. and don't get hurt about the call thing, I know I never respond to phone calls because I'm super awkward when I talk on the phone :)

    • So if the guy you like calls you and asks you if you are down to hang out on a voice mail you wouldn't respond? we had talked about meeting up over break so I thought it would be fine to ask if she would be free over voice mail. But anyway, you still wouldn't respond?

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    • so sorry for asking another question..I texted her what you said but she didn't respond. Is it over? Should I just give up? She is kinda weird with texting like sometimes she will take hrs to respond but now its been 2 days so she clearly is not going to respond. I mean in the beginning of break she asked me how my break was going. we had talked about meeting up so I called and left a message. no response. I text asking her how she has been. no response. this sucks

    • Girls like a guy they can chase that doesn't just come to their beckcand call. They only like a guy that does that stuff when theyre in a relationship. Wait a couple weeks maybe and send a hey and if she doesn't text back then it's done sorry

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  • I really like this girl but she has a lot of family problems but I'm trying to be there for her and not text her all the time but I always end up texting her but we hang out and she doesn't want to talk to anyone she just want time to deal with her problems but she says she's busy or she never texts back then I trip because I don't know what to do ,😭😭

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