I asked him to hang out together, and he told me I may have to take a rain check. What does it mean?

Last week, I asked him what he will do during the week and told him to hang out together, but he said he has Been sick all week (Yes, truly, he has been sick all week) So he probably will stay home and take rest, and he asked me what I'm gonna do during weekend. And at the last sentence, he wrote, 'you may have to take a rain check.' And I replied, it's OK And I'm gonna take a rain check then. And I also replied I hope you get better soon and Then let's hang out together. And there was no reply for that.

But after, When we meet at school, we talk like we used to do, and when I was in a bad mood, He asked me are you OK? And gave me some cookies also.

What does 'you may have to take a rain check' means?

Does this mean he doesn't want to hang out with me in an indirect way or He wants to, but because he really needs rest, He wants to do later?

And he hasn't talked about the rain check with me after I replied.

Should I ask him how he thinks about The rain check?

Help me!


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  • Raincheck means that like he will have to do it some other time because he is not available when you want to hang out...

    Say you go to a store and they have something on sale and its all sold out you get a raincheck and whenever that item comes in you get it for that price.


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  • Haha A Raincheck means he wants to, but can't right now. So just ask again later when he's feeling better. =)


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  • you didn't 'tell' him to hang out with you right? I mean, you asked?

    how did you say it exactly? just curious.

    anyways, rain check means, another time. I can't do it now, well do it later.

    • I sent a Facebook message, like, what are you goig to do during this weekend?

      I want to hang out with you!

      And his reply was like the one I posted

    • oh OK, yea. so he just meant, he may not be able to., I guess hell let you know. its not the best way. I mean, it'd be nice, if he was more explicit. but you'll find out, eventually I guess.

    • So, you think he said that because he's not available at that time, right?

      Do you think he wants to hang out with me? I'm still confused... Aww. In your opinion, Will that be OK to ask him how he thinks about the last time's raincheck?

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