Girls who text guys for an ego boost

I don't get it what's the point of this? I posted awhile back a question about this girl and how I did not respond on my phone.. so she sends me a message on Facebook.. Long story short I sent her a message back on my phone so I got no response back So I sent her a message asking how she was doing and asked her when she graduates and she went straight to the point and told me it was in March and no I'm doing fine or anything else.

So my question is what's the point of doing that to boost your ego? I never heard of this term until today.. I mean not in the way of referring to texting and all.

A little update, on her birthday I sent her a message and no response.. I guess you can't really rely on people who you thought were your real friends :-/


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  • immature people do this just for the attention, they measure their self worth and satisfaction in life based on outside influences and the opinions of others but when there is a lull they go to people or guys they are not particularly interested in and flirt or keep you on a string to use you when they have particularly low self esteem. They are using you. They do it because they can. It sucks but it happens these people just have more maturing to do and at this point in my opinion cannot be trusted. Trust me there are much better people out there for you, you'll find a great girl! You just have to ignore crap like this

    • It's crazy.. I would expect after having a child you would wise up a bit you know? It seems like a guy my age (27) would need to go out with someone like late 30's to have a normal relationship.

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    • thanks for the BA, best of luck to you

    • You're welcome :) and thank you!

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  • They just want someone to talk to and get attention. Both sexes do this but it can suck for the person who's being used as the ego boost.

  • Guys do this too, or at least some do. I'm pretty sure this guy does this with me. Always reaches out, out of the blue, but keeps a minimal hold in my life so they don't actually have to see the person or nurture an actual relationship/friendship. It's like his foot is out the door but he never leaves.

  • Um this just sounds like a simple thing of miss communication to me. Nothing to worry about.

    • Yeah but over last summer she was like oh I wish I could spend time with you and I miss you and all that crap.

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    • Maybe when you do get ahold of her you can schedule a time when the two of you can hang out and catch up on things :)

    • Hopefully but I'm not going to put much thought into it if she says she's busy.

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