Does a spin the bottle kiss count as a first kiss?

This is a bit of an awkward situation, but my guy friend claims his first kiss was from spin the bottle. Does that even count? I know he's kissed other girls since then. I was the first date, girl he liked kiss. Idk, it was an awkward conversation, but I wasn't just about to jump on it and say umm that doesn't count... because that would lead to me and I think there were some unresolved feelings with that relationship with me. Anyways, what do you think? Do those count?

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  • Yes a kiss is a kiss

    • even if you don't even like the person? I guess I don't count my spin the bottle kiss as a real kiss haha. funny how it differs so much with guys and girls

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    • haha, just sounds like you didn't appreciate it, make your next kiss more special though

    • oh, well if the spin the bottle kiss counts, I'm number 2 on his list haha. I guess I just didn't think it meant anything so it didn't matter. good to know though lol.

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  • A kiss is a kiss. It's really no big deal.. You'll have thousands of them in your life. It's generally a bad move to dig up past relationships away. If you partner brings it up, as in they want to get something off their chest and resolve those feelings then so be it. Prying into past relationships it a no no in my book. =)

    • wow that's funny how many guys think that counts! it was just awkward, I didn't bring it up. I don't even remember how it was brought up

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    • My 4 year old self was such a man whore. =P

    • haha clearly

  • Lol at (atm) women voting no. And only women too. That's pretty immature and stupid.

    Of course it counts. That's like saying you didn't have sex with someone cause you didn't like it (but you did consent to it). It's still sex. God, women try and lie about such things is dumb... though men lie in the opposite and just as f***ing dumb. Oye people.

    • haha I don't know you don't spin a bottle to find out who you'll have sex w/

    • There are people... or so I'm told lol. It's still gonna count.

  • Yes. He kissed someone, didn't he?

    • idk, I guess. I definitely don't count that as a first kiss probably because it was random and I didn't like the guy haha.

    • It's still a kiss. It doesn't matter whether you liked them, the kiss, or the setting. Makes me wonder how many girls have actually had. I have noticed that girls (at least on here) like to circumvent the various levels of first contact with another.

    • haha idk. I guess I figured since all they had to do was spin the bottle it didn't really count... since there weren't really any nerves involved in actually liking the girl? Idk. good thing I asked this question!

What Girls Said 2

  • yeah, of course.

    • haha wow. I never counted my spin the bottle kiss as first. weird. does kissing on the cheek in spin the bottle count as a first kiss?

    • usually a girl doesn't kiss a guy on his cheek before his lips.. maybe a guy would do that to a girl.. and I wouldn't count that as his 1st kiss.

    • hmm yeah, maybe not.

  • Yes, a kiss is a kiss in my opinion.