What does "some time soon" mean?

so, I hung out with this guy three times in the last week (once bumping into each other at my ex-roommates party, once when we actually made plans, and then once because we knew we would both be at our friend's bday party). Anyway, so I texted him on Sunday just to say hi and he texted back and said that we should try to get together sometime soon but he never texted again to make plans. I didn't text back because isn't the ball in his court?

It was on Sunday so still early for the weekend but what do guys mean when you say "sometime soon" without any definite plans?

it's pretty indefinite. is that like, in case nothing else happens, I'll text you. Is that like, I don't want to be mean so I'll say sometime "soon" even though I don't want to see you again. Or does that mean what it actually says? that he wants to hang out sometime soon.

my girl friend said I'm supposed to text back and confirm that I do want to hang out with him (but didn't I text him to say hi in the first place?)

my guy friend said I just got the brush off.

what do you all think?

ok, so I texted him and we met up. but then at the end of the night, he said let's meet up soon. arg! noncommittal!


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  • Well, as a man I'll wait the girl to confirm back saying that it is ok, we may give it a try, we can arrange for something,etc..., as I'll consider her not interested if she won't reply, if I'm sure she is willing to go out I'd propose a specific date rather than soon!, some men are really not ready to be in a situation that they get rejection when they ask for a date.

    • But do guys ever text that just to be nice even though they're giving the girl the brush off? I'll text him tomorrow if I don't hear anything from him--I hope you're right!

    • This is 100% accurate

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  • You haven't reach the stage of commitment to call him uncommitted, its one of three reasons, he is trying to act in a way to make you always who ask for a date, like if you need him more than he needs you, some guys think in this way; Or he is stupid and have no courage so far- and that is not probable after the first date-; Or he didn't find you interesting and just wanted to end it in a polite way.



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  • u didn't get the brush off because he would have never texted that in the first place.stop thinking so hard and text him and asked him what his are his plans for the weekend but dnt do it now wait untill like thursday night and text him.

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