GIRLS- how to tell if she likes you over text?

When I first met this girl we where working together. We talked a bit while working but after work we hung out and hit it off. She was always smiling when I was talking to her. She was playing with her hair and always looked at me when I Was talking to her and viscera. We were talking on fb and she gave me her number with out me asking for it and said text me sometime. We text maybe 3-4 times a week and most of the time she answers me. From all of this I get the feeling that she likes me. So my question is what are some ways of telling that she likes me over text beside asking her out.


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  • Okay when your texting anything and everything are so much different from talking to each other! Such as the phrase "lol" your not really laughing you just saying that just be be saying that! Be a man and give her a call and kind of like get to know her more! Ask her on dates, call her! Trust me this will work and she will or might have the same feelings as you!


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  • I kind of act flirty when I text more emoticons, but that's just me


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  • Emoticons are a good indicator.

    If she provides a smiley face at the end of her reply, such as :) or :-D, that seems to be a good indicator of interest.

    Or if she has an "lol" at the end of her text message, that's another indicator.

    When a girl is into a guy, she'll usually be flattered and happy that he's contacting her. Girls who aren't interested usually keep their replies short and simple, or even worse, they don't reply back to the guy.

    Also keep in mind that if she replies back within a few minutes, that's good. If she replies back 24 hours, that's not so good. Unless she tells you why (such as having her phone off or it's messed up).

    By the sound of it, this girl is REALLY into you. I think you got the green light to bed her.

    • I already asked her out once but she had a softball game. She did say she would really love to tho. Sometimes I text her and she doesn't replie at all.

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