What to do when he ignores you for the first time?

Is he dumping my ass or playing games with me or just busy?

Guy I'm dating for over a month already not exclusively hasn't spoken to me in two days. He usually contacts me daily. I'm really annoyed. I sent him a text a day ago and he didn't answer. He has never done that before. So now I'm not contacting him again.

Until now he contacted me pretty much daily for weeks. Though the past few days he has been slightly flaky, before we stopped talking.

What should I do and think? Will he come back? I've contemplated breaking up for other reasons and this is like the icing on the cake.

But I also know that sometimes guys pull away for a bit and come back.

It would be lame of him to leave with no explanation, especially at his age...30. what do you think?

I'm definitely not contacting him again unless he comes back. But shouldn't he at least give me closure?

I really want it to end in my heart. He is one of those bad boys who treats me like sh*t but for some reason I can't walk away so easily.

Is this my blessing in disguise? Longest period of time we have not spoken since our second date.

So he is avoiding me.
not second date. we went on like 8. anyway he texted me today. but he pisses me off because he expects me to answer all his qs but takes his time with mine or won't answer mine in return


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  • If he treats you badly you don't need to wait for his response; you don't need one to know what to do. You shouldn't stay with someone who treats you bad. He is 30, you'd think he'd know better by now. Break up with him for this reason, not because he hasn't contacted you for two days.

    Unless you're thick/stubborn/obnoxious he doesn't have a good reason for letting you go without telling you. Granted it has only been two days, that's okay! If he never contacts you again, it's okay! He's too cowardice to finish what he's started. You don't need a guy like that.

    Second date only? Why are you so caught up about him =/. Give him some space.

    • Ohh sorry.

      Has he actually stated those expectations or raised that issue with you?

      Have you tried to talk to him about it or have you let him know how you feel when he does that? If you have and you don't want to put up with it... best thing is just to leave right? Or at least change the form of communication, try calling? Or leaving it all for conversations when you meet up?

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  • I wonder consider it a blessing in disguise if he is ignoring you. If he really was interested in continuing a relationship with you, he would at least tell you what's going on in his life so you don't think of him as some sorta of player.


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  • A month isn't that long. Don't get emotionally invested in someone that doesn't seem to be "available". Try not to rush things. Take it a day at a time. If he doesn't call you, don't call back or send him texts asking why he isn't calling. You should try to show him that you don't need to depend on him. He will crawl back to you once he feels like he wants to take things further. Don't chase after him.

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