Haven't heard from the guy I'm seeing in a couple days, what is up?

I've been dating this guy who I knew from high school for a couple weeks. Just casual nothing serious but all my friends say when we hang out we act like a couple he's always holding me and we kiss when we greet each other and he introduces me to his friends.

I slept over his place on Friday night and we had fun and Saturday morning we had fun just chatting and stuff and he said lets get brunch don't leave yet, but I had to go meet a friend and wanted to shower and stuff

Normally he texts me every day but now I haven't heard from him for 3 days and I don't know what's going on. Nothing has changed as far as I know. I texted him Saturday night asking what he was doing and he responded asking where I was going and when we were gonna hang and stuff but now I haven't heard from him since then and he normally texts me a lot so now I'm concerned.

Should I text him first or wait till he comes to me? I hate games but I know guys like to play them and my friends keep telling me to wait till he texts me because I need to make him think that I don't miss him. Not sure if that is the best advice.


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  • Nothing has changed. He has just slowed down his pace of communication from girl speed, to guy speed.

    It's not a game. It's something you need to learn. The rapid-fire texting that happens at the start of a relationship? That's girl speed. Guys try to keep up with that for a while, but we can't, so we slow down eventually to guy speed.

    This will happen with EVERY guy you ever date. You might as well get used to it now, so you don't freak out when it happens. Because it will. With every single guy you ever date.


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What Guys Said 2

  • you can wait a little bit there is no urgent rush , but if you don't hear from him within a couple days something could be up , how did things end the last time you saw him ? think back were they positive or negative ?

    • they were very positive we had a great time and I left on a positive note too

  • F*** all this hahaha. I hate games too. If it gets too long, then I usually text her. But if it's a day or two I see if she texts me first and if she doesn't, then I text her. But usually I just tell myself that it doesn't matter if she doesn't text me cause at least she hangs out with me yknow?

    For you, I voted B but it's mostly up to you. You could wait another day or something and see if he texts you, and if he doesn't, just text him with something like "whats up?". I don't understand the point of games like this at this point in your relationship though. I mean, you guys already know you like each other. Ah well.


What Girls Said 2

  • You should probably wait. I wouldn't but that is just mi because I'm not patient for one lol and I don't like to play those games of guessing what's going on or if he likes mi lol. I just ask and I want to know up front what he wants and what he feels and what is going on so neither one of us waste time.

    They are probably telling you to wait so you don't seem desperate,clingy,that you don't need him and you don't care and you have other options besides him. You said it's nothing serious so you might want to wait I suppose. It's up to you really and how you feel about him that influences your choice.

  • What are you waiting for ! If you are sure about you and him just go text him invite him over/out just do it if you really miss him then why are you not showing it ? If you are 100% sure (even 99%) that he loves you or he cares about you then Text him girl !? Just go for it

    Don't listen to your friends listen to your heart then listen to your friends duh ..! Just Do iT