Signs a 16 year old boy really likes you? And not just for sex?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two months and we've been fooling around a tad down there but haven't had sex yet nor will we for a while.

But sometimes I worry he only likes m for sexual reasons. What are the signs a 16yr old boyfriend really does like you?


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  • I would say that 16 year old boys don't, with exceptions of people who are mature beyond their years.

    But signs of love are the same, with bias on what he focuses on at 16.

    This means he cares about your well being. But with 16 years old, he probably won't drive you home, or buy you flowers, but he might go with you somewhere you want to go and buy you ice cream instead.

    Love is 3G. Give Girl Good. For somebody it might mean to build house for her (and him together), if he is builder. He may help you go out more and meet good and nice people if he is outgoing person or any other stuff. With 16 year old, he might try to get you working out if that's what you complain about, or tech you rollerblading or help you with math. Depends. But with 16 year old, he might not know what you need. He might force upon you something he things you should improve in. Because he loves you, but does not get that you don't need this thing he offers. And this happens with older men as well. It is not that easy to know what woman need and to persuade her to want that as well :). It works the same other way around. So perhaps try to focus on what he gives and why. If he gives a lot and you just don't need that you might think he does not love you. Because you don't notice what he tries to give you. So get out of your boundaries to consider what he does.

    What else do you need to know?


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  • LOL.. since when did that ever happen in a 15-18 yo's mind? Thing is, a guy will take it when he can get it. IF he rejects you, then the girl gets all 'offended' and he gets kicked to the curb so :L.. guys don't even wait for anything XD.

  • you'll find out when you're on your period and can't do anything sexual for a bit lol


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  • --tells you he loves you

    --listens to you vent and doesn't scream at you

    --backs off when you say "no"

    --doesn't just want to kiss you, but wants to hang out too

    --talks to you more than just in the evening

    --talks about more than just sexual stuff

    --tells you you're beautiful, not sexy

    --tells you personal stuff about him

    --takes you to meet his family

    --gets you involved in intimate family gatherings (Christmas parties/birthdays)

    --looks you in the eyes while talking

    --doesn't check out other girls in front of you

    --lets you cry on his shoulder

    --doesn't laugh at you if you're really scared

    Now I'm just getting into signs of actual love/attachment. So I'll stop now. But you get the picture, I hope.

  • They're not mature

  • 16 year old boys aren't mature.

  • It's just one of those moments where your intuition tells you (women are gifted for that). I'm sure you more than anyone on this site is readily exposed with those signs than anyone else. You're the only one here that can determine whether he's just in it for the sex or not...if you can't decipher that,..then you should give us details and update your question on what he does for you, how he acts and treats you around his friends, family etc.

    • Well when we're together we goOf around a lot, he laughs around me and seems really comfortable, we have a blast together. And he's always saying how he likes being with me and how h likes me which is usually when we aren't doing anything sexual. But the Opp of making out always comes up. And he sucks at making plans too.

    • Damn that last part sucks,..that he sucks at making plans lol...well that's one of those red flags it makes me think that he's gonna fail to make future plans "if you fail to plan you plan to fail". Well OK the only way to know for sure if he really like you for you, if he sticks around for very long without getting any sex and if he knows he's not gonna be able to get it for a while.