Why do girls become distant??

Gonna try to make this short as possible

I meet a girl who is 22yrs old and I'm 25 (very religious but she still likes to go out drinking)

We begin texting and chatting everyday followed by hanging out

She tells me she doesn't want a relationship but she is very interested in me and wants to get to know me

She begins getting comfortable around me and starts calling me babe,baby, love and starts breaking that physical barrier around me and leaning her head on my shoulder

We're both shy so we never held hands or kissed during the dinner and movie dates

She begins to joke with me how someday I will marry her

Out of the blue I notice the texting starts to stall and she starts becoming distant so I say to myself ("Maybe I need to step it up as a man and escalate things with her") so we go on our 10th date and I hold her hand and kiss her at the end of the night and she actually kissed me back

But after that kiss she becomes way more distant than ever and now we rarely text at all and haven't gone out in 2 weeks

I text her about it and tell her I notice she is being distant and ask her if I did something wrong and she goes on to explain to me how she noticed I was falling in love and she doesn't want to hurt me because she feels she isn't at that level yet and doesn't want to lead me on and tells me "It's not because of you because I'm sure you would make a great boyfriend but it's because of me I want to do things when I'm ready for it"

So I give her space and stop texting her and seeing her and after 5 days went by she text me again "Hey good morning! how are you?"

I reply with short answers and no longer flirt with her.

What should I do?

Should I ignore her text?

Why did she seemed so into me and freaked out in the end when I expressed my feelings for her?

Can a girl lose interest in a guy overnight?

What's my best chance besides "Moving on" to get her back?
Why do girls become distant??
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