After a girl confesses that she likes you, why would she become distant towards you?

Become distant towards you? I.E. - communicating less, not as available, taking longer to respond, etc.

Yet when you do manage to talk she is still flirty and acts like nothing has changed.

So confusing and stressful, is this something to talk to her about or express my concern or just back off perhaps? (I only try and communicate with her every 2-3 days unless she comes to me) Or does she maybe feel like that now having confessed how she felt, she feels like she is no longer a challenge and wants to go back to that?

I really just want to tell her how I truly feel about her, how I admire her dedication to school/work, how I get butterflies every time I see her beautiful smile or how I have never experienced chemistry with someone else like I do with her. (I've told her I liked her after she confessed to me, but besides then we haven't really talked about it again) Is this a good idea?

Also we have been on a number of dates (hiking, dinner, etc) and things couldn't have gone better. Chemistry is perfect, just confusing why things have slowed down after we told each other how we felt.


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  • I mean you should really tell her how you feel. I don't know why some people might view confession as something weak. Whenever somebody confessed and the other party isn't reciprocating, they felt embarrassed, it's like being rejected. Like what you've said, she is no longer viewed as a challenge.

    Another thing is she might be afraid your attitude towards her might change. Initially, you are into her because you don't know if she likes you or not then when you know she likes you, you will like her lesser. But this cannot go on if you want things to go further. If there is a chance that things can improve, let it happen.


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  • Go tell her how you feel! She's probably backing off because she thinks that since she put her feelings on the table and you didn't, that you don't feel the same way. She's probably hoping that if she continues to treat you the same way when you do talk that either you'll come around and confess your feelings, or that you'll forget that she said anything at all because she's embarrassed.

    Seriously, tell her how you really feel ASAP.

    • I have told her how I felt, but I actually have been planning on asking her out and telling her much I truly like her.

  • Ask her on a date. She likes you but is doing the typically girly thing and waiting for you to make the first move...she's probably worried that you don't like her as much as she likes you!

    Also, now that the feelings are out in the open there's a lot more mental pressure and expectation.

    Ask her out, I am sure you won't regret it!x x x

  • i agree with flyergrad


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