I can't tell if I should keep talking to a girl who I told her I liked or drop it since I didn't get a clear response?

Context: There's a girl I only see 1-2 times a week since I have a really busy schedule and it's been around 2-3 month.

One day I was driving her home; however, hours before one of her friends gently brushed my shoulder and said bye only to me in a somewhat flirtatious way when she was leaving. I didn't think much of it, but my friend who saw this and said I should go after the girl. My friend was loud and the girl I was talking to heard this. She then asked me if I wanted help getting with her and I told her no I don't like her, then she kept asking me who I liked and was persistent saying she wouldn't leave until I told her (Not rudely, just curious)

I didn't want to make a random girl up because I was scared that it'd end things with her and I didn't want to confess because I was scared of rejection, but after sitting in the car with her for 1-2 hours I finally told her. She didn't say she was interested back, but she didn't reject me.

This led me to think she wasn't interested so I told her I hope this doesn't change anything between us since we were just talking once in a while in a sort of friendly vibe.

We talked for around another hour and she went home. I saw her the next day and she didn't seem to act any different. She acted completely the same to me and I stayed with her work till her restaurant closed.

Reasons why I think she was interested:

- She answers my text like instantly. Less than 30 seconds whenever I ask her something.

- She always welcomes and seems very happy around me.

Reasons why I think she doesn't like me:

- Obviously, she didn't say it back she just asked me why and when it started

- Our conversations don't last that long. Only our first one did then I told her I had to go for a sec, but didn't reach out to her again

- She doesn't seem to memorize what I say. (Ex. When I asked her about my birthday, she knew the month but didn't know the day until I gave her 3 days to choose out from)

- She doesn't reach out to me first

1 y
Out text conversions don't last long. (I'm not a fan of texting)
1 y
Should I still pursue her or the fact that she didn't give me a clear answer means it's a no.

I asked some of my friends and they gave a mixed answer too so I am so lost.

I really don't want to annoy her
I can't tell if I should keep talking to a girl who I told her I liked or drop it since I didn't get a clear response?
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