What should I do about this girl? (Shy guy problems)?

So I'm trying to figure out what I should do about a particular girl. We used to like each other in the past but she basically rejected me (started ignoring my texts and said I'm boring). After that we stopped talking for months. Now I'll admit I do still like her but, after she called me boring (jokingly, but I ain't think that shit was funny) and started to ignore me, I figured she wants nothing to do with me. She has spoken to me a few times since but, only to ask me about weed and randomlly saying hi. She also has kept staring, it's more of an blank/emotionless stare though. Now it's like a year later and she's showing interest again... I think. Like lately I've been seeing her more and more, whenever I see her she always come around me (within a few ft.), smiles, and she's still stares me whenever I see her. I even notice her get a little jealous when I was talking to another girl at a party the other night. Like as soon as she saw us her mood just changed and stayed to herself for the rest of the night. I feel bad about that one though cause, she said hi to me earlier that night and I kept walking. I sensed a why do you talk to her but not me type of vibe. But anways, my friends have even been mentioning her to me. Like during another friends bday party, my friend mentioned her name to me like 5 times.(mentioning how she looked lonely and what not) Also some of my guy friends have been talking about how we should start talking again. Like I said earlier I do still like her and I want to talk to her but, something tells me that I'll get rejected. But, at the same time something is tells me that she wants me to make a move. I have been shy around her in the past so she could've just taken that as disinterest. I'm not a shy person but I didn't want to mess things up so I kept things neutral with her. But, then again I could just be trying to justify talking to her. Either way if she like me or not, I do miss her and want to at least be friends.
Just tell her how you feel.
She likes you, go talk to her.
Take it as a loss.
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What should I do about this girl? (Shy guy problems)?
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