Boyfriend doesn't ever call, only texts....

Guys, I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year and he only texts, never calls. He never called at the beginning when we first started dating either, so it's not like he used to and then stopped...he just never called. We only talk via text. And we see each other on weekends or every other weekend...or sometimes I don't see him for two weeks because of his work schedule and we live kind of far apart.

Is it really bad if he doesn't want to talk on the phone? I wish he liked calling but the few times I've hinted around about it he ignored it. I don't really want to mention it again because I feel like it makes me seem needy.

But anyway, I really just want to know if it's normal for couples to only text? I hate technology!


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  • You could call know...

    • well, usually he's busy and I hate the feeling of randomly interrupting him, so I'd prefer to arrange calls in advance if we were going to talk on the phone

    • You don't value yourself enough.

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  • It's more common these days, but nothing beats the personal touch of your partner's voice.

  • Well I did call my girlfriend. She was sick the last time I called her. She didn't even talk much. Now I really don't want to call her.

    • I'm sure she'll talk more when she feels better!

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  • you're in a relationship by yourself.

    You refer to him as your boyfriend and seem to think things are serious...but judging by his actions, he is not that into you and I would bet money he does not go around calling you his gf.

    You're the girl he only makes low effort forms of communication with, refuses to call, and sees maybe once a week. He's not your boyfriend. You need to stop settling and have more of a voice.there ain't no way you should have been silently accepting this for nearly a year.wake up and smell the coffee. Don't you want a man who loves to see you regularly? Hear the sound of your voice?