Did I say something wrong, should I say something - or wait for him?

This guy texted me at night. he was having a party so we texted each other back and forth, but I said it sounds like he was having a good time and to have a good night! but he texted me back saying he wants to talk to me that's why he texted me so I said OK that I can talk for a bit cause I was getting sleepy. I asked how he night was going, but he never answered :(

Did I say something wrong? Am I not going to hear from him anymore?


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  • if he was at a party why would he be texting... weirdo! and if its been a few days text him saying hi but if its just been a day maybe he passed out

    • do you think I won't hear from him anymore?

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    • well I won't text him. If he likes me, he'll text me

    • let me get this stright, he was having a party text you, you said you was tired, he stopped texting and your mad and won't text him back..umm grow up! he was having a party (he says) and text you if he didn't like you he would have been hookin up with some girl at the party.. and he done text you first its actually your turn