How to kiss in a truck?

He has bench seats so I sit in the middle & I think he's going to kiss me while we're in his truck . It'll be my first kiss & I don't know how to not make it awkward cause we'll be in a tight space . Also, how do I kiss? Like what do I do?

I'm 16.


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  • relax girl. we have been doing this for a few thousand years at least if not longer. (not in the front seat of a truck maybe) you are 25+ and your first kiss? OK. you do not need a lot of room for a kiss girl so the tight space of a truck seat is not a big deal. not like you are hooking up a sex swing. well maybe later but we can get to that. how about not over complicate this with drama and just kiss the guy. just do it and stop thinking about it.


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  • What makes you think he'll kiss you in the truck first of all? Why have you not had your first kiss? It says your my age and your a virgin? Have you dated before?

  • Do the gag community a favor and list your real age, otherwise you're a bit of a troll IMO.

    • idk how to change the age

  • Well kissings got to be done close so the tight space isn't really gonna be that big of a problem...

    Don't worry about it, seriously. Close your eyes, everything nice and easy. No rush, take the moment in to enjoy and remember.


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