The "accidental-on purpose" text / message?

How many of you think it's obvious when girl/guy does it?

  • Soooo obvious.
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  • Ehh it could be either way
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  • I usually think it's really an accident
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  • Sometimes it actually happens ... I accidentally text my friends all the time. But if the message is on purpose, usually it's too obvious. It usually has something "enticing" to the other person, rather than something nonsensical like real accidental texts.


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What Guys Said 1

  • My favorite is when the "ex" texts a group of friends about how awesome her new boyfriend is and how fun their trip was... and accidentally adds me to the list.

    I either ignore it or I follow up with, "Who is this?"

    ~ Robby

    • bahahah omg the "who is this?" would drive any girl insane. Although, if she's sending you messages like that on "accident" she probs already is crazy lol.

    • Love doing this so much.

What Girls Said 5

  • I really want to text his guy I'm talking to because he hasn't responded, except I know how insanely busy he is and honestly think he just forgot. I wanted to do this that way when he sees my name pop up it might remind him to respond. I was thinking something like this:
    "Lol no i'm probably going to kill her before the night is over- so expect me to stop by. When I walked in she was like umm that was quick and I said we just hiked for 3.5 hours, how is that quick. She was like oh well i just thought you would have stayed out there longer. I wanted to just turn around, get back in the car and leave her by herself for the rest of day."
    I figured this looked like part of a conversation that I just sent to the wrong person. Too obvious or good? Please help!

  • Most times it's very obvious, because it's contents are meant for you to see and be disturbed...

    I use it. But since I text accidentaly all the time,I don't think they find me out :)

  • Usually if it's a text that is rubbing it in about something then I kind of perceive it as an intentional jab to me and either don't reply or pull the do I know you card.

  • I am guilty of this- Just recently I texted the guy I was seeing a sweet little message, 6 hours later he hadn't responded, so I sent a text that was meant for a girlfriend of mine just to if he had his phone on - It was "hey are you still coming to visit me? If you are I need to get an air mattress because you are not sleeping with me" He did respond saying that he thought I texted the wrong person, so I knew he was just ignoring me.

    • Sucky :( I'm guilty of it too. Last night I messaged a guy on fb saying "hey! he won't stop calling me! Ideas?" Then was all "whoops I mean to hit Jen not Jon" (but in a cuter way). Who knows what he thought lol.

    • Could go either way. I responded back saying sorry I was on the phone and texting at the same time and apparently I can't do two things at once! I think mine bought it since that night he called me blond lol!

  • It's obvious to me that a guy is drunk texting if he seems overly confident (compared to how he normally is). I've had to ask a few people to stop drunk texting. With girls it's more about the time of night that they send the text and the "wish you were here" sort of message.