Do I bore him or what, or is he just doing other things?

SO this guy I like, and he says he likes me back. We been talking for about 2 months now and we text/talk just about every day :p. But My question is, there are time's when he don't text me and he'll wait hours and hours to get back to my text messages. I mean he says he likes me and all, but why dose he leave me hanging and waiting on him to respond back to me I mean is he getting bored with things I say to him?


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  • I can only say from my own personal opinion. I get sick of the non-stop back and forth texting. It's not limited to girlfriends, it goes for everyone, family, friends, etc. I hate the feeling of being tied to a device and every time it rings or vibrates I have to jump to attention. I tell my girlfriend the same thing, "i'll do my best but don't take my lack of response as anything other than I don't feel like being a slave to my phone"...

    I guess the guy could have other ideas but if he texts back and forth for a while no problem and then maybe goes a few hours between text it kind of sounds like he feels the same why I do

    • Yea lol. He has told me I send to many text message all at once. I mean I'm not what the guy, but we could be having a conversations... and he just drop right out. Then wait hours to get back to me, that what I was wondering why he dose this.

    • that does seem strange. generally I'll slack on responding to things like "saw this lady driving like an idiot" or something lik that. to duck on in the middle of the conversation is just rude

    • Then he wait's later and say what I ask him or what I was saying to him. I think he texted me at 12 so should I wait until like 3-4 hours to text him back if he dose text back?

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  • "we text/talk just about every day"

    That is the reason he may not text/responds late at times.


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  • They all do this. It depends on the situation. Some get bored, some don't know what to say, and some just don't want to deliver an answer that shows they don't know what they're talking about (or that you don't know what you're talking about, for that matter). It gets a little complicated, but there you have it.

    • And I agree with you. so he texted me around one p.m. and Said good morning back to me. I told him he was late to put that it's the after noon I text that in the morning around 11a.m ish going on 12p.m. SO how long should I wait until I text him back if he text me back.

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    • Then why would he put it.

    • To tease you. That DOES happen...

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