Ever date someone you never thought you would?

Maybe they were below your league and you disn't find them attractive but somehow you ended up daing them and were pleasantly surprised?

Or maybe they were way above your league and you never thought you'd date thewm because of that - but somehow your dream came true.

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  • I dated a stripper. It was a horrible experience. I told myself never again, and I was stupid to ever do it in the first place. I never thought I'd date a stripper. I never went into the club with the goal of picking one up or anything. The night I met her, I was only showing up to pick up my drunk friends who couldn't drive.

    Of course history repeats itself. Now I'm dating a girl that was a stripper at the same club that I met around the time I met the other one. Though she's a lot different than the first one. She dumped her abusive boyfriend, quit dancing (he's the one who got her into it, so he could leech off her and not work), moved back to where her family is (about 80 miles away), lots of stuff. That's when I decided to consider her. I saw her improving her life and getting out of the darker side of things. So far things are great.


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What Girls Said 6

  • Yes, sort of. If I'm being honest, he was definitely opposite of what I thought I'd date physically. He had an amazing body because he was an athlete, but otherwise, I wasn't really attracted. I also never thought I'd date an athlete in college because many of them can be players and jerks. However, he proved to be really kind and sweet. He was consistent with his time and affection for me, which made me grow to trust him. He had a confident/in-charge side that developed my attraction for him, and he was there as a should to lean on when I went through hard times.

    We didn't last more than a year because he was super quiet and I'm not at all. I didn't think I would mind it, but it became a big problem for me and our day to day relationship. It also wasn't good of me to try to change him when someone else would be OK with it. It did make me realize how much I need a guy who can talk and socialize like me lol Regardless, I learned a lot from him, and he's dating a really great, beautiful girl right now.

    Same thing sort of happened with a guy I thought was way out of my league as well, but I'm still dating him.

  • My boyfriend of 10 months is cute, smart, and talented. He's exactly my type of guy. We avoided each other for about three years because he was my best friend's ex.

    However, my friends and I found out that she lied about the whole thing. My boyfriend and she never went out with each other. She only said it because she had a long and not reciprocated crush on him in middle school and made sure none of us would date him throughout high school. Now that they went away to college and he stayed and commutes (I'm a senior still), we got to know each other. Without her being there, it was easier for us to be friends. We really thought we were going to be friends until one day when we both knew there was something more.

    It's a great thing that she did this, however, because maybe he would have dated another one of my friends because I knew him the least out of all of us at the time. He was so annoyed that everyone thought that my friend and him went out because that blocked him off from a lot of girls who were afraid of my friend!

  • When I first met my last boyfriend, he had freakishly long, curly brown hair that pretty much dominated his entire appearance. He cut it a year later and I suddenly realized how freaking cute he was. I didn't even know he had blue eyes before that.

    Basically, I was on that like soy sauce on rice.

    • Did it work out?

    • No, he became really possessive and it was the end of my senior year so I cut him loose. But that's kind of expected when you're 18.

  • I think this is kinda happening to me now. Someone I've known for few years, and always thought he was attractive, but I just, sort of, I don't know - never really seriously considered him in that way. I just never thought we were each others type. But one day he started to flirt and very quickly I started to become very attracted to him. I was very surprised.

  • i met a guy at EDC last year. He physically and personality wise wasn't my instant attraction. (He was super pda like and show offy as well as short) we ended up dating for a month and a half. the first month was fine, the last two weeks I was like no. no. no.

    • EDC?

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    • Never heard of it. What is it?

    • It's the Biggest (or one of the biggest) music festivals in North America. It's a massive rave in las vegas.

  • I never thought I would date a girl until I met an amazing one who obviously changed that for me.

    • What was so amazing about her?

What Guys Said 3

  • Out of my league hot body girl for one year and amazing in the sack.

    Met her at a club and we started dating but I soon realized that I only liked her for the obvious reasons and it was difficult to relate.

    I am amazed by us lasting a year.

  • Nope, I actually tried to date a girl I was below my league for the first time ever since I've been single for 6 years, she was one of my best friends for a couple months, but yeah, after I asked her out like 4 weeks ago, friendship never was the same again, stopped talking to me

  • I'm against Dating

    Just not against smashing nomsayin