Have you ever rejected someone you were attracted to?

I know this kinda weird, but have you ever been so aloof towards someone you were attracted to, especially if they gave you interest back that you just flat out slowly rejected them?

for example a few years ago there was a girl I met through some mutual friends (she was a pretty much a 9 in hotness my book) I had a very big crush on. we mostly saw each other through our mutual friends hanging out, but we never hung out alone. She was flirting around with me (and I flirted back) but I thought it wasn't genuine because I thought she was just being nice, and she also was kinda flirty with other guys too. I was also kinda self conscious too. One of friends even noticed that she flirting with me.

Because of those feelings I never escalated things to having both of us hanging out or going on a date. I remember once I told her my birthday and a month later she remember and was commenting my MySpace page. She even messaged me her email and phone number, and I didn't even do anything with that. >_<

She moved away, and I see her pictures on Facebook and I just sigh at my stupidity, lol.

Has something like this ever happened to you?
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a little update on that girl, I actually made this question a status update on Facebook...and guess who liked it? that girl whom exactly I was talking about... LOL.
Have you ever rejected someone you were attracted to?
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