Why do guys have no problem kissing another girl when they already like one?

this guy liked me but he was shy to come up and tell me about his feelings, I just discovered he liked me because his friend told me, and he doesn't know I know. lol

But before he gets the courage to talk to me he kissed another girl and he is now in a relationship with her.

I mean, how he kisses another girl that is not the one who he likes/loves?.


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  • That's a very general statement. When I like a girl I tend to stop hooking up at parties because in t preoccupied about the girl and I wouldn't want her to find out I like her yet I've still been kissing other girls, somthing just seems wrong about that to me. Maybe he was just to scared to talk to you and the other opportunity was just right there in front of him so he grabbed it. If you wanted this guy you shoulda gone and struck up a convo with him.

    • I didn't understand you: you still kissed other girls even though you were in love with a girl?

    • No, if at the time I don't like any girls I will hook up at parties. If I like a girl then I won't hook up with anyone else

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  • If you are not in a relationship, you don't have any obligation to anyone. You can do whatever you want. Just because you like someone doesn't mean you have to eliminate other options.

    Tons of guys drool over Megan Fox, but that doesn't mean I can never date the cute waitress at my local sandwich joint.

  • he thinks you're out of his league and when there's another person who likes him he jumped at that chance.. it's a pretty normal thing to do in his situation actually.

  • That means that the guy who "liked" you was just looking for someone to get into a relationship with. He didn't really "like" you, specifically.

  • If a guy is not in a committed relationship, he can 'like' as many girls as he wants.. Until he's in a relationship there are no limitations. Same goes for girls, of course.

  • I think he wrote off his chances with you as something that just isn't going to happen. Like maybe he liked you but didn't think he had a chance, and along comes another girl, and she likes him, and (maybe) he likes her. Still, I can't say for sure.

    Anyway, you knew he likes you, and you did nothing. Explain that. Oh wait let me guess. You're "Old fashioned that way" or something right?

    • I can't speak for the other anonymous guy, but I answer all my questions anonymously, first, then remove anonymity a few weeks later. Basically, my reason is that I have been on GirlsAskGuys for a long time, and at this point, I'd rather my answers, questions and comments be taken at face value. Not because of my reputation.

    • "No, I just don't need girls like you trolling me because you didn't like an answer." Very true. Also: there are a lot of users on here who are kinda petty, and block people just because they disagree with something they said.

  • Because a kiss is just a kiss and when you're not attached to someone, you can kiss whoever the hell you like.

    • and why you answer anonymous? shamefull of your behavior?

    • No, I just don't need girls like you trolling me because you didn't like an answer.

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