Men how do you reply to long emotional texts when your girl is upset?

Men how do you respond when women go on emotional rants by sending you long text messages? I was told that you don't even read them..


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  • Depends on a few things:

    - the situation

    - the extent of my relationship with her

    - whether or not anything I say is being listened to

    - the severity of the issue

    Chances are if its bad enough id disregard the text and try to meet in oerson to talk about it face to face. A lot less misunderstandings due to facial triggers and tone.


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  • I read them. I'm probably the guy who would actually take them too seriously and write you a novel back about all the life lessons, philosophies, and advice I could think of to try and help you. I tend to be the sort of person that feels the need to swoop in and be a psychologist, hence the reason I'm on this site. I have no problem writing really long answers to help solve complicated problems.

    • But what if you're the reason why she's upset and she's basically attacking and accusing you of not caring

    • Well I'm pretty combative and if I felt I really wasn't at fault, I most likely would reply by stating my case. I'm not the type to keel over like a puppy dog and say I'm sorry if I truly felt I didn't do anything wrong.

      I've had girls who would cause fights and drama over nothing, and accuse me of things like this and it drove me nuts. We'd have these long text battles, and then eventually I would just break up with them because I couldn't take the constant drama over nothing.

    • The point though, is my technique of choice isn't to just ignore the text. I generally don't ignore texts ever, unless its a pointless unimportant text, especially if its from my girlfriend. I will always reply.

  • I try to put myself in her place to see

    the situation from her side, then let her

    talk about it all she wants untill she's feeling

    better, I think it's these moments it's the most

    important to let her know that I'm there for her. ^.~

  • I don't respond, and yes..I might read the first two sentences before pressing DELETE. I want to be her bf...not her Dr. Phil! If she wants to go on an emotional rant, then she needs to do that in front of her friends, her mom, or Oprah.

    • So when do you respond to her

    • After she sends me a happy, and upbeat text telling me about all the good things going on in her life, and asking about what I'm up too. But mostly I'd rather have a conversation with her in person. A very small amount of flirting via text is okay...but keep most of the talking either on the phone or in person.

  • every text is read, every unanswered phone call is acknowledged!

  • Usually I would get those text messages in early evening. Since I use to wake up before her I would send a good morning text and say what I loved about her so she starts out her day right. Sadly her and I aren't getting along and that's what I miss the most.

  • i try to cheer them up (and am successful at it :D)

  • I would just read the substance, and respond with what I think is how I feel about her.

    Sometimes, I wouldn't respond at all.


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  • I am one of these girls that tend to be emotional and end up writing novels to make sure I am understood. I am like a volcano, I seem unaffected until it really hurts me, then I type 10 words in a second and all that while bawling my eyes out.

    From experience, guys are different, it often depends on their upbringing (boys that grew up with sisters and single-mother usually tend to be more caring), their status, experience level and age.

    Usually if they care enough about you (even if it's a little) and know how much it hurts to pour your heart out and getting ignored in return try to be more understanding and engage a little in that conversation even if it's uncomfortable. They try to make you understand where they stand and where you stand, they pick a few points to discuss and ignore the more uncomfortable topics but at least they try.

    Some guys ignore.

    But I think everyone of them reads their messages.

  • Every guy is different. I sent a long angry/sad emotional text to this guy and he actually called me back yelling at me over the phone lol he crazy tho

    A lot of guys will just ignore you and avoid you for a while

    • But why ignore and avoid? Just confront the situation

    • Some guys think that they're are the reason for you being upset and they don't realize that you're just venting in general.

    • "Just confront the situation" this is what guys generally do.

      And men try to understand the situation logcally while the girl is looking at it from an emotional angle.So they never end up solving the problem...Hence ignore and avoid works the best.