Why he never wants to hang out on weekends?

I've been dating this guy for almost a month and I've notice that every weekend he has plans to do everything but hanging out with me.

He always agrees to meet on Sunday nights or any other night of the week except for Friday and Saturday. He hasn't ask me out on a Friday or Saturday and even if I suggest to meet on any of those days, his answer is always the same...I can't because I already have plans with so and so.

He is a nice guy, we get along very well and we have a great time every time. But why he doesn't want to hang out on weekends?


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  • Sounds like you guys are not exclusive. I dated this guy once who would come by every night after work to hang out. Turns out he was doing lunch dates with other girls. It isn't all bad though. If you haven't agreed to be exclusive does it matter?

  • I'd assume that he is dating somone on top of that? Or ask him like what is he doing that makes it so that he can't hang out with the girl he is dating. If it's something that you can't go to then just be like whatever. But you should maybe try inviting yourself or something and see what his reaction is.

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