Why would she suggest to hang out and then flake out?

I have been talking to this girl off and on for the last two years, we are on opposite intern schedules so we are rarely in town at the same time. She used to send me a message every morning and we would talk all day. But then when she would come to parties she would act cold towards me, but she always asked me to hang out.

We stopped talking for a couple months and we started back up recently. She was going to be back in town and said that we should hang out. We would talk, and a place would be brought up in conversation and she would say we should go there. I have been busy the past two weeks and Haven't had much free time so we haven't been able to do anything.

Froyo was brought up in conversation and I said we should go, she asked when and I gave a time. 10 minutes later she said that she couldn't, but she asked to reschedule it to the next day (today). Well when time came for go I texted her and got no response.I waited 20 minutes, texted her again and still nothing.

She starts a good portion of the conversations with me, but what the hell? If she wasn't interested in hanging out, why would she suggest to hang out and then flake out? She would literally say, we should go sometime. And she asked me to go to bars with her and everything. I am trying on this, but she isn't helping at all. She has always been weird about sending mixed messages in the past.

Should I text her tomorrow asking her why she never responded? Because that really pissed me off, because it was HER idea to go...if she didn't want to go, why not just say no or not bring it up at all. She is normally very good about responding to texts and normally responds to me very fast so it's not like she just forgot or something, especially not after 2 texts. I mainly just hate being stood up and I am tired of it happening.

Or should I just stop talking to her? If I stop talking to her for a couple of months, she is normally the first to try to contact me. It's just really frustrating when I girl asks you to hang out...and then doesn't respond the night you are supposed to hang out. I don't know what she expects me to do and I don't know how she can expect me to continue being her friend if that is how she views me.
So she hasn't messages me or texted me at all since then, so I'm done. I am not going to waste my time on someone who doesn't even have the common courtesy to text me a simple yes or no response. Or to apologize for blowing me off.


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  • Something really came up. You should give time. She's quite interested.


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  • Maybe something came up. Give her the benefit of the doubt and let her text you about it first. Jumping on it and accusing her of flaking out, even though she DID flake out, will push her away.


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  • She's female? They have no idea what the hell they want and when they do, they change their minds.