He has girlfriend but wants to cuddle and hang a lot?

Here's the short version. So I met this guy out. He told me he 'was taken'. But he said if he wasn't he's be flirting with me. He also have me his # so I could now him around my town. We are from rival sport cities. I did feel a connection with him so I wasn't going to text him so I wouldn't get hurt. But when I was drinking one night I did. Another night we ended up hanging out. I stayed over and up until the morning no touching or anything happened. But then he started cuddling me and I stopped it. But we hung out for a day and a half straight and we were watching TV in his room and were basically cuddling anyway. When I went out with him and friends the other night he told me multiple times how good I looked. To add to this he always makes comments about his girlfriend now. Like wanting to marry her and have kids. I'm confused at what any if this means. Also she lives like 9 hours away and they see each other once a month. He told her about me but I doubt she knows he started cuddling with me. Also, they just got back together after a 9 month breakNeed some guys opinions please!
He has girlfriend but wants to cuddle and hang a lot?
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