When he wants to cuddle too soon?

Hi guys,
i know this guy for 1.5 weeks now, had a nice 1st date with him last week but around 3 days afterwards he already got scared that i might want to meet sb else (just because i told him i was going partying with my best friend), he told me that he doesn't wanna lose me and
he started to tell me that he wants to cuddle with me & asked if i wouldn't wanna visit him & sleep over...
So right now I'm not really aware of his real intentions...
What does everything described above, mean?


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  • Yeah that sounds really rushed in about 1.5 weeks. I don't know if the guy just came out of a relationship and has very quickly attached his feeling onto you both, or maybe just really can't see how that's too much too soon.

    If you want to keep going out with this guy you might have to be real with him and say that for you personally doing all that takes more getting used to someone. Avoid saying slowing things down, sounds like he thinks he needs to do more... Just not all that more XD


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  • He's going too fast in my opinion. Clearly he's interested and or controlling. My ex boyfriend pinned me into a relationship after 10 days. I didn't want it that fast and shouldn't have agreed to it. It was all about control... hd got worse. So I hear 1.5 weeks and think control.


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  • It sounds like he's rushing it to me + only wants sexy or something else of that nature. I'd keep him at an distance until he seems more "clear intentions" wise.


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