Why did Ex unblock me on Whatsapp?

He went into no contact after telling me 'I don't know how I feel about you anymore', two weeks ago.

I text him on Day 1, Day 2. No reply.

Day 9 I text again saying his silent treatment was ridiculous but I erasing any hope for reconciliation and going for good. Never would contact again.

He unblocked me twice on Day 9 and reblocked.

I deleted his number the same day. Not our last whatsapp conversation though. It was somewhere down my open chats.

Yesterday was Day 14 of his no contact, I was scrolling down open chats to delete them, and I saw his image had been updated. I opened the chat and saw a last active. I had been unblocked.

I checked a few minutes ago expecting to be blocked again but I hadn't been.

I would like to make some points;

1) I never blocked him even though he had.

2) He could see my image/status/last updates while keeping me blocked

3) As far as he knows, I have no trace of him on my whatsapp so I wouldn't know if I've been unblocked.

So my question is, why has he unblocked me after 2 weeks, if he never bothered/chose not to respond to my attempts to contact him?


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  • he is unblocking you to look at what your doing in my opinion he is curious but he doesn't want you to know he is so he blocks you back. If you want to be with him ignore the crap out of him and he will come back I am pretty sure this indicates interest. Do not contact him at all and wait for him to contact you.

    • As I hadn't blocked him, he could still see what I was doing while he had me blocked.

      I'm not sure if I want him any more but I definitely will not be initiating contact.

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What Guys Said 2

  • He wants to reconnect with you again.

  • Probably to see what you had been up to/mess with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he wanted to get back together with you he would have made some effort. Do not read into this, just block him, delete him and forget him and don't waste your time thinking why he would have possibly blocked/unblocked you.

    • You're right, effort is everthing.

    • Sorry, it sounds so harsh, but I've been there, and I just know that if a guy cares and wants something then he does everything to get what he wants... and when a guy likes you and wants to be with you, you just know it, and don't wonder what every little move he makes means...