How do you date someone who has a superiority complex?

When I say people have a Superiority Complex usually are goal oriented , only looks out for themselves for the most part , never seem weak, quick to point out other peoples flaws and mistakes, etc etc.

I know a few people who do have a superiority complex and they have relationships, some of them are rocky but I can only imagine they will be handful to date.

So, have you ever dated someone like that? Do you feel like You're like that and if so, what do you recommend to your future lovers?

  • You adapt and work with them to ease up.
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  • Accept them.
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  • Develop the same mentality as them.
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  • You don't date them, you avoid them.
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  • I dated a guy who masked his superiority complex, I thought he was just a little cocky, but it came out full throttle 4 months into the relationship. I left him that month, took mental notes of the red flags, and refused to date a guy like that ever again.

    He has trouble with women in general though. He's got mommy issues.

    Most men and women who have superiority complexes date submissive people, and use sex/money to manipulate them. I've never seen such a person in a healthy relationship that wasn't abusive in some way.


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  • You don't because they're only there for themselves and think to little of you to care about your feelings. They'll be too egoistic to put their pride aside to talk if things get tough, let alone apologize for their actions. I will never and have never dated anyone like that and I'm positive that I'm not like that either.

  • I dated someone like this without realizing it until it was too late. I value hard work and learning, so I was happy to find someone who accepted these traits in me. Little did I learn that he expected perfection in himself and others, where I am more laid back, despite liking to do things well.

    I tried "A" but he eventually picked me to pieces and then started seeing someone else while we were still together and tried to blame it on me for not giving him everything he wanted. It's been over six months since we broke up and I'm still feeling shattered. :(


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