She says she's having a bad day. What to text back?

So the girl I like texted me that she had a bad day and I asked her why.

She replied "Long story :( :("

What should I reply back? Or should I not reply?

I met her only a week ago so I don't want to be a creep.


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  • Try something like, "I've got the time, if you're willing to talk about it"

    If she's not willing to talk about it then that's kind of annoying. I'd assume that since she texted you first about it, she's looking for some sympathy or to get things off her chest, so at least offer to listen

    • Well she didn't really text me first.

      Anything else I could say?

    • Oh okay, my mistake, I just assumed that from your first sentence

      You could just say like, "Sorry to hear that, I hope you cheer up soon" or something like that, you know, just a hopeful little message, if it doesn't seem like she feels like talking about things

What Guys Said 1

  • "Don't worry it's not over yet..." Unless of course you're time zone puts it at night time...