He says we have good chemistry together, but doesn't want a relationship?

When I asked if we were friends, he deflected the question till I answered it and I told him, that I think me and him are friends. He says he thinks we're friends too, but then tells me how we have good chemistry together when we're together and that we push each others' buttons.

Also later on, he kisses me and tells me he likes me but he doesn't want a relationship right now or at least not right now. I just felt like he meant that he isn't that into me, but I guess he was afraid to tell me so. He also told me how he needs me more than I need him, he seemed pretty serious about it. He tells me that he needs to be in my company or to have me to be in his company.

Why? He just seems confusing to me, idk. Why tell me we have good chemistry together but then tell me that he doesn't want a relationship?


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  • Although you both have this spark of magnolia and steel, by you cornering him with the 'friend-zone" question, caught him off guard. He didn't know what to say, because he didn't know Actually the "Title" to which you both are referred to, being he isn't ready to call you Anything as of yet. That much I am reading between the lines here.

    Many of today's guys are both sporadic and unpredictable, along with cold duck footed and noncommittal. True, there are those who prefer to start out with friends with benefits, but it is always a risk as well as to how the outcome will end up. Your case may very well fall into this category.

    For now, if you both are comfy cozy in what you have started, then don't pressure him in any way, where he ends up flying the coup. Go slow for now, tread the waters slowly, and feel this "confusing chemistry" out as long as You may want to ride the tide.

    However, in the future, if you are feeling the waters are becoming a bit too murky, you can always flap your wings and fly in another direction. The choice is up to you.xx


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  • I think you should look for a guy who is more certain of himself. Just from the read of your note here, I can't help but wonder if he thinks you have the right chemistry to have sex and that's about it. It is a good thing that this guy is making you question his motivation, because it is setting off all sorts of alarm bells with me.

    • Hmm true. Because I was confused, why tell me we have good chemistry but say we're just friends. He does make me question his true intention especially since awhile back he kissed me but later on I found out that he said he was just joking and messing around. Update: He recently just kissed me again but tells me he doesn't want a relationship. I told him I don't want a friends with benefits relationship and cut him out of my life. Deleted him off fb, my phone, and trying to avoid him.

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  • HE wants to fuck you but doesn't want to date you.

    When someone says " I don't want a relationship right now." It isn't complicated or rocket science. It means that they want sex, and only NSA/FWB sex. No "I love you's", No "I want to go to the mall or the movies." Just sex. S-E-X.

    If a guy wants to date you, he'll ask you to be his girlfriend or fiance.

    If a guy wants to fuck you, he'll say I don't want to date you, or that I don't want a commitment in some type of language.

    If you want the Dick, then jump on it. IF you want a commitment, tell him goodbye.

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