Should I ask her out ice-skating?

I really want to ask this girl out who I have a big crush on. I was planning on asking her out about a month ago when it was still really cold outside because it would be like the cutest first date and we could talk a lot and get to know each other and I'd be holding her the whole time and catching her so it's basically like the cutest shit ever. But she got her phone taken away. So now it's spring and it's not so cold outside. Is it still ok for me to invite her ice-skating? Or is it just not the season. If it is too late, whats another cute date you guys would recommend?


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  • If there is ice to skate on then skate away. I wish my boyfriend liked to skate. :p


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  • You can always ice skate at an indoor rink. It's a cute idea but just keep in mind that for first time skaters, it can be really painful and uncomfortable. Why not a movie and dinner? It's sweet and simple.


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