Is it normal to be sore after making out?

I made out with this guy I been knowing for a couple of months now. Were both 21 im still a virgin and less experienced than him. I feel sore today is that normal? We made out yesterday. My legs are sore and other places he was touching me. After we made out yesterday I felt light headed and my legs felt shaky. Is any of this normal? I made out with an other guy before this guy like 2 years ago and the other guy didn't make me feel this way.


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  • You did not provide much detail about what body parts were touching and in what ways, which makes it difficult for us to pinpoint the problem, because we are stuck playing the guessing game.

    If he fingered you, then he may not have clipped and filed his nails smooth, inserted his finger before your body was lubricated enough, inserted a second finger before your body adjusted to the first, he was not keeping his finger close to your clitoris and thereby caused his fingers to continually brush up against your hymen, your lack of relaxation caused your vaginal walls to tighten, or... I could probably think of more possibilities, but more information would be helpful.

    • Clothes were kept on. My thighs are sore I got on top of him. My boobs are sore and my neck he was bitting me is it supposed to hurt the next day? My boobs are all bruised up

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