Gamers: How do you deal with Gamer's Thumb?

A few years ago, I hurt my thumb trying to finish GTA V. I was literally playing all day for I don't know how many days and I hurt my thumb pretty bad. When I finally finished GTA, I took a break from playing video games for a while because my thumb was in so much pain and it seems like it took months for it to finally start feeling normal again.
Now when I play certain games, my thumb will start to feel sore again, but it usually feels better after a day or so.

BUT... I just started playing the latest Life is Strange game a couple days ago and my thumb is already killing me. On top of that, I've also been trying to get the hang of Breath of the Wild, so I know that's only making matters worse. 😭
You stop playing video games, dummy
Take a break from those games that make soreness worse
Just play through the pain, bro
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3 mo
I also have tiny hands, so maybe I'm not meant to be using video game controllers for an extended amount of time. 😂
Gamers: How do you deal with Gamer's Thumb?
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