Is she shy and nervous but really likes me? Or just leading me on?

I have been texting this girl for weeks now. I've known her for 2 years but only recently started talking to her. She's very shy and a few of her friends have told me she really likes me. I really like her now and we text each other every day. I asked her out for a meal, she said yes but she can't because she was busy, but told me she wants to meet up the week after. Ok, so I ask her the next week, again she says she wants to meet, but can't for some reason and will meet up soon. Ok, so I ask her again, she says she's ill but wants to meet when she gets better. This has happened five times now. Does she really like me and is just shy and nervous about meeting/dating? Or is she just leading me on?


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  • It sounds as though she is feeling more comfy, secure, having a "text relationship" with you, than going out on a real date in person. Because she is shy, she is most likely nervous as a little sparrow, and hasn't gotten the nerve to accept your offer to "break bread" as of yet.
    No, I don't think she Means to "lead you on," and I believe sometime down the buffet table she will accept to meet up. However, I can't promise when that might be, and it would be your choice to either wait it out or---find another dinner companion.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to slow down the texting to every now and then. I'll ask her again, but only after a few more weeks have passed. I hope she'll start to become more comfortable with me. Then hopefully she'll say yes, because I really like her :(. Sound like an OK plan? Thank you once again stranger :) x

    • Yes, sounds good...Continue to make her feel more comfy, and maybe instead of going out in public, perhaps u can even ask her to hang out at your house. But with some patience she just may come around.xx

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  • Five times is a bit excessive... I feel like out of those five times she could have made time for you in there somewhere. Whenever I keep pushing back dates with someone because I have too much to do I feel awful about it and I end up putting them first before I do anything else so I don't forget.

    She may be too shy to tell you she isn't interested. It's horrible and rude and i'm sorry but sometimes I use the phase out method too when it's a really nice guy I don't want to get with.

    • I think you may be right. I'm just going to slow down the texting and see what she does. Thank you :)

  • I feel terrible because I have done this. In all honesty, I'm shy like her too. It's pressure when a guy constantly wants to hang out. It's not necessarily leading you on here, though. She's more comfortable without the face to face thing. Give her some time and don't keep asking.


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