10 tips to become a successful stripper!


10 tips to become a successful stripper!

Whats up! You know you've thought about it, you know you've wanted to do it, and you've heard you can make a lot of money doing it! What is this "it" we're talking about? Stripping! Here are 10 tips (in no particular order) from me to you to help you get the most bang for your buck if you're new to the dance floor!

1. Take care of your body: go to the gym daily and make sure your diet is in check because nobody likes a fat stripper. Also take really good care of your skin, so you don't break out. Also take baby wipes so you can wipe your buttcheeks and legs down after your done dancing, skin is skin and you can still break out down there.

2. Avoid eating gassy foods before your shift. The best thing to eat before work is a Jamba Juice

3. Do your hair and make up at home. This not saves you time but it will also help you make more money, you can't make money if your stuck in the back doing your hair.

4. Get comfortable being naked: one of the easiest ways to do this is to start sleeping nude if you don't already. Start walking around home nude or topless (make sure the blinds are closed!) this will help you get comfy walking around in the buff.

5. Choose simple outfits to strip in: most new girls choose outfits that are complicated to get out of. Keep it simple

6. Practice walking in heels: most girls immediately buy 7 inch heels only to fall on their ass at work. Be wise, buy 6 inch heels and practice at home in them, then you may move up to 7 inches.

7. Start off working day shift: if you are truly new to the strip game, I suggest you begin working day shifts to get a feel for it. If you start working weekend nights it's like being thrown into a sea full of hungry sharks, the other girls aren't going to give two shits about you, they are there to make their money, and you'll feel overwhelmed and lost.

8. Practice dancing: buy a pole and practice your routine at home, put on your outfit and everything so you can look like pro when it's showtime.

9. Don't touch other girls regulars: certain customers come to see only certain girls, they will even tell you that they are there to see a certain girl, my advice is to leave them alone. Not only will you avoid a huge fight with your coworker but other girls will respect you for it and will also leave your regulars alone.

10. Avoid falling for customers: do not give out your number, do not arrange meeting outside of the club. You do not know these people, this is for your safety!

10 tips to become a successful stripper!
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